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The Abdus Salam School of Mathematical Sciences (ASSMS) in Lahore was created by the Government of the Punjab to act as a centre of excellence for the Mathematical Sciences in 2003. ASSMS aims to be recognised regionally, nationally and internationally as a distinctive provider of high quality teaching, learning and research. It is dedicated to producing a substantial output of doctoral students with research experience at international levels, and to supporting mathematics throughout Pakistan. From the day of begning ASSMS acheived many goals such as;
Largest M.Phil/Ph.D. program
ASSMS Established the strongest and the largest exclusive time (More than full time) M.Phil/Ph.D. program of the nation in mathematics with 106 M.Phil/Ph.D scholars. Here it will be in order to mention that the M.Phil/Ph.D students at ASSMS are already producing a quality research. This shows the effectiveness of our M.Phil/Ph.D program.
Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program
Before the existence of ASSMS, Pakistani Mathematicians used to go abroad for Post-doctoral fellowship. Now here at ASSMS things are happening other way round. Number of young M.Phil/Ph.D holders from prestigious institutions of the world are choosing ASSMS to do their post-doctoral fellowship. This success of post-doctoral fellowship program speaks of high quality faculty at ASSMS.
World Conferences
The School regularly organizes world conferences on the theme “21st Century Mathematics”. ASSMS also runs a large number of research seminars, workshops, Schools, lecture series, colloquia, Professional enhancement seminars and intensive courses for researchers and university faculty. These conferences were pioneers in their nature and of this level to be organized in Pakistan in the field of mathematics.

Students Research
Ph.D students are engaged in quality research and their papers are regularly published in the prestigious world class ISI journals. The research areas include different branches in Analysis, several fields in Algebra, Combinatorics, Graph Theory, Algebraic Geometry, Algebraic Topology, Differential Geometry, Mathematical Modeling, Fluid Mechanics, Control Theory, Stochastic Processes, Financial Mathematics, Dynamical Systems, Quantum Theory, Discrete and Computational Mathematics.

Communication Skills Training Programme
Oral and written communication skills are extremely valuable assets to do well in mathematics. ASSMS has introduced professional communication skills training programme to increase the confidence level of its students and also to improve their ability to speak and write effectively.

Steps taken to promote mathematics in the Nation

Now ASSMS is taking some effective and practical steps to promote and popularize mathematics in schools of Pakistan. In this direction, we have taken two concrete steps that are providing a much needed encouragement and incentive to Pakistani students in schools and colleges. They are:

1. The faculty at Abdus Salam School of Mathematical Sciences (ASSMS) regularly organize training Camps for students from schools and colleges. The participants of the camps are prepared and selected for national Team of Pakistan to compete at the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO). In 2005, National Team of Pakistan took part for the first time in IMO and in 2007 Pakistan won the first medal at IMO and second in 2009.

2. ASSMS has organized several mathematics contests at the national level. These contests have sparked a good enthusiasm among the schools and colleges of Pakistan.