Information, Black Holes and Quantum Theory: Theoretical physics at the crossroads
March 26 – 30, 2018

Black hole physics, in the quantum regime, has many paradoxes in store whose resolution is of fundamental importance for theoretical advances of quantum gravity and quantum field theory and is expected to shed new light on quantum information theory. This workshop aims to provide a thorough, yet pedagogical, introduction to the various physics ideas involved in understanding the problems related to quantum black hole physics, culminating at the hints of the current state of the art of the ongoing research in the field. The workshop will consist of lectures on various topics necessary to understand the subject ranging from, black holes in general relativity, quantum field theory in curved spacetime, quantum information theory, Hawking radiation, and holography.


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Pervez Hoodbhoy (FCC)
Viqar Husain (UNB)
Amer Iqbal (AS-SMS)
Asghar Qadir (NUST)
Babar Qureshi (MIT)

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