Research Journal

ASSMS publish a quality research journal in Mathematical Sciences entitled “Journal of Prime Research in Mathematics” on regular basis. This is an HEC approved journal. ASSMS has a complete team of well qualified scientists in all areas of mathematical sciences, both applied and pure. This team also includes experts in Mathematical modeling in the areas of environmental problems, bio sciences and industry related matters.


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Research Group /Strenth

Sr. No: Title of Research Group Group Leader/ Members Postgraduate Students
1 Quantum Statistical Mechanic and Mathematical Modeling Alexander Kondratyev 3
2 Algebraic Geometry Differential Geometry
And Algebraic Topology
Alexander Dimca Barbu Berceanu Oleg Mushkarov Johann Davidov Hong Van Le Catalin Liviu Gherghe 15
3 Graph Theory And Combinatioras Ioan Tomescu Edy Tri Baskoro Martin Baca Martin Baca 14
4 Stochastic Process and Financial Matematics Malkhaz Shashiashvili 4
5 Functional Analysis Alexander Meskhi Georgi E. Karadzhov 5
6 Discrete Geometry Oleg I. Reinov 3
7 Commutative Algebra Tudor Zamfirescu 8
8 Differential Equations And Dynamical Systems Josip Pečaric Constantin Buse Constantin Varsan Constantin P. Niculescu 3
9 Convex Analysis Dorin Popoescu Juergen Herzog 9
10 Ring Theory Cristodor Ionescu Tiberiu Dumitrescu 3
11 Fluid Mechanics Constantin Fetecau
Vieru Dumitru
12 Simulation Theory Kartlos Kachiashvili 3
13 Computational Algebra Gerhard Pfister Peter Schenzel 6
14 Group Theory Alexei Stepanov 1
15 Numerical Analysis Calin-Ioan Gheorghiu 1
16 Operator Theory Dan George Timotin 1
17 Fuzzy Systems Vasile Lupulescu Tzanko Donhev 3
18 Approximation Theory And Complex Analysis Rein Leo Zeinstra 2
19 Control Theory And Nano Technology Sergei Borisenok 3