In this two day activity, dedicated to celebrate Prof. Abdus Salam’s lasting contributions to theoretical physics, four big ideas of contemporary physics to which Salam contributed heavily will be explained starting from beginning. The school should be of interest to graduate students and other physicists (scientists) interested in learning about Salam’s theories and their phenomenal impact on physics.

January 28-29, 2017

Accommodation and travel support will be provided to registered participants. To register, please fill this form and email it to:


Saturday, January 28

    –9:30am:    Registration

9:30am—10:45am:    Understanding Symmetry and Symmetry Breaking-I       Amer Iqbal (LUMS & AS-SMS)

10:45am–11:15am:    Tea Break

11:15am–12:30pm:    Understanding Symmetry and Symmetry Breaking-II     Amer Iqbal (LUMS & AS-SMS)

12:30pm—1:30pm: Lunch Break

1:30pm–2:45pm:    Unity of Fundamental Interactions and Salam-I     Jamil Aslam (QAU)

2:45pm–3:15pm:    Tea Break

3:15pm–4:30pm:    Unity of Fundamental Interactions and Salam-II    Jamil Aslam (QAU)

Sunday, January 29

9:30am—10:45am:    Superspace for Supersymmetry-I     Babar Qureshi (LUMS)

10:45am–11:15am:    Tea Break

11:15am–12:30pm:    Superspace for Supersymmetry-II    Babar Qureshi (LUMS)

Video Messages:

Michael Duff (Imperial College London)

Cumrun Vafa (Harvard University)

Fernando Quevedo (Director ICTP)

12:30pm—1:30pm:    Lunch Break

1:30pm–2:45pm:    Grand Unification: Are Protons Forever?-I     Rizwan Khalid (NUST)

2:45pm–3:15pm:    Tea Break

3:15pm–4:30pm:    Grand Unification: Are Protons Forever?-II     Rizwan Khalid (NUST)